Pedibright Pedicure

Professional 4-step pedicure products

You know you’ve had a great pedicure, when your feet feel like those of a queen: smooth, pampered and loved. Pedibright can help give you that experience, in the comfort of your own home, or in a salon.  

Pedibright 4-Step Pedicure is a pedicure kit, packed with all of the essentials needed to give your feet the divine treatment they deserve.  The kit comes with four components, – the Soak, Scrub, Masque and Lotion sachets, each designed especially for the feet.  The four sachets guide you through the entire process of the pedicure- buffing, shaping and filing your nails, cleaning your toes and leaving them soothed and polished as a the result. 

Pedibright Lavender Pedicure